Space is the Place: Ethnomusicology of Jazz

Curated by Molly Jones

Listening in Improvisation

Listening plays a fundamental role in jazz improvisation; but is it necessary for each player to hear all others in a successful improvisation? To better understand the interactions and dynamics of improvisation, a two-part project was started.

Amy Brandon, the Scientific Guitarist

Launched in January, The Scientific Guitarist explores Amy Brandon's ongoing work in the intersections of guitar performance, jazz, and cognitive research.

SEM Preview: Global Perspectives on Improvisation and the Traditional at the 2016 SEM Conference

The Society for Ethnomusicology Improvisation Section brings together SEM members engaging in scholarship on extemporaneous music making for the purpose of advancing the development of cross-cultural scholarly perspectives on improvisational phenomena, primarily through the sponsorship and promotion of discussions, events, and publications related to improvisation.

Interview with Sonny Rollins, Musical and Spiritual Autodidact

When I first spoke with jazz saxophone legend Sonny Rollins in May 2011, interviewing him in advance of a concert in Newark, I remember being struck by the combination of confident dedication and playful curiosity in his approach to music and life.

The “Resistant Embrace”: The Unstable Intersections of Ethnomusicology, Jazz, and Amiri Baraka

The description of this section of the Ethnomusicology Review Sounding Board reads as follows: “Honoring the jazz roots of foundational ethnomusicologists such as Mantle Hood, Alan Merriam, Charles Keil and Steven Feld, ‘Space is the Place’ makes room for discussion regarding the intersections between ethnomusicology and jazz studies.” In my contribution to this discussion, I am interested in exploring a surpri

The Place of Race in Jazz Discourse: Storyville, Boston

Issues of space and place pervade jazz historical narratives, especially when considering conventional “up the river” histories.


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